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At New Ways, we forge strong relationships with organisations that share our aim of creating environmentally friendly, affordable homes for the future. Below you can learn about some of our key partners.

Piertech Europe

Piertech Europe is our sister company, specialising in innovate helical piling technology. Its helical piles and piers are used to seal the smallest cracked wall, provide a solid, stable platform for industrial-grade towers, support boardwalks in dry or wetlands, deep foundation piers for new construction and underpinning for existing buildings. Made from 100% recycled steel, New Ways uses Piertech piling technology to create foundations for its new homes.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Liberty Steel Group

Liberty Steel Group was the world's first carbon neutral steel company. It supplies us with 100% recycled steel, which we use to create our light gauge steel framing. Its GREENSTEEL strategy aims to create an economically and environmentally sustainable future for the global metals industry.

Grevayne Properties

Founded in 1972, Grevayne Properties has nearly half a century's experience in residential and commercial development. The company aims to enrich neighbourhoods and communities through high-quality building and design. Chairman Graham Coombs and Director Anthony Coombs are both non-executive directors on the board of New Ways Construction Limited. Grevayne Properties uses New Ways technologies to create new residential developments and the company is a major shareholder in our business.

Image by Scott Graham

Hilltop Credit Partners

Hilltop Credit Partners is a leading residential property finance specialist. It provides medium-term, senior secured loans to experienced SME residential developers across the UK. If developers wish to use New Ways building technology, but need to secure funding for a project, we can work with them and Hilltop Credit Partners to secure the capital they need.

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