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Light gauge steel framing, the high-performance building system of the future, brought to you today.

Modern, sustainable building

New ways are an innovative company who have set about changing the face of construction in the UK.

Traditional methods of building can be slow, inefficient and environmentally harmful.

Unless things radically change the housing crisis in the UK will continue to worsen and the planetary emergency will continue to run out of control.

With this in mind we set ourselves the challenge of building a New Way.

We build faster, more efficiently with less material waste and crucially have sustainability at the heart of everything that we do.

We have brought together some of the world’s best technologies to allow us to produce homes that are cost efficient to build, affordable to live in and have a low carbon footprint.

Our patented helical pile systems allow buildings to be constructed without concrete in the foundations, significantly reducing their environmental impact.

Our light gauge steel superstructures are produced using recycled materials and are engineered to last in excess of 200 years, with over 80% of the building recyclable at the end of its life.

Exclusive technologies

We are not only pioneers in the UK steel framing market, but New Ways also offers you exclusive partnerships and patented technologies that deliver quality design, manufacture and installation that you won't find elsewhere – giving you superior engineered design coupled with innovative, proven construction.


Innovative helical piling

Our homes are built using an innovative helical piling system, provided by our sister company, Piertech Europe. Made from 100% recycled steel, helical piles mean we don't need to use concrete in foundations, which is great news for the environment. They also allow us to build safely on contaminated soil, freeing up extra land to provide much needed affordable homes.

Our steel frame at a glance

Fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly – these facts and figures speak for themselves. With New Ways, you can bring these advantages to your construction projects.

Find out more

If you are a developer, local authority, housing association, architect or a construction professional who wants to know how light gauge steel framing can bring speed, cost savings and new opportunities to your project, please get in touch today. We would be delighted to help.

Unit 8 Carnival Park, Carnival Close, Basildon SS14 3WN

01268 206495

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